Boston Marathon Recap

April 16, 2018- Marathon Monday- Patriot’s Day- Monsoon Monday- Worst weather in history for the Boston Marathon- 122nd Boston Marathon- Fourth consecutive Boston MarathonIMG_2975

I have so much love for the Boston Marathon. Not everyone gets to run in this awesome and amazing race. I feel honored to have run it 4x in a row. I of course was weather stalking like 2 weeks before the race. It went from 50’s, 50% rainy, and windy to 30’s, 100% monsoon and 35-40 mph. I was freaking out, What do you wear? How am I going to stay warm? How am I going to stay dry? Pants or Capris? Rain jacket or no? I had a million questions to answer.IMG_3095

When I woke up Monday morning, I didn’t even look outside while getting ready. I did not want to know what I was getting myself into. When we walked out of the hotel, I was nearly blown over from the wind and rain was pelting me. I could not have been more excited to get on the bus for the hour ride to Hopkinton. On the bus, I chatted with my bus mate. It was his first Boston and was very excited to be there. I was wishing I could have his excitement. I was just not excited. I knew it was going to suck. He took out a trash bag when we got close to Hopkinton. I told him I wish I would have brought one. He told me he had an extra one I could have. It was such a nice gesture and was thankful for it.IMG_3101IMG_3103

Hopkinton- I got off the bus and looked at the port-a-potty line. There was like one person in each line. This could be a dream come true. Took one step on the grass and knew why. My shoe was engulfed with mud. It was like walking in mud pit all the way to the bathroom. After my potty stop, I made my way to the tent for shelter to find more mud. My made myself cozy next people I did not even know. I was trying to stay dry and warm. I met talked with a girl (Emily) and we were in the same corral and wave. It was our turn to exit Athletes village. We both had to go to the bathroom and I remember there was port-a-pottys just before getting into the corrals. The walk to them seemed like it was taking forever and we only had 20 mins until we started. We finally reached the bathrooms and the lines were so line. I was freaking out we weren’t going to make our corral. We both used the bathroom, changed in fresh shoes, and socks and lost a few layers. Emily walked out of the port-a-potty with a discussed look on her face and pinching her glove telling me she dropped into the toilet. I had an extra pair I gave her and she was so grateful. We ran to our corral with 3 minutes to spare until we started.

Miles 1-7- Asheville and Framingham. Downhill start. It felt easy. My legs felt fresh. It was crowded with runners. I knew it was going to suck and just wanted to finish as quickly as possible. I started slower than I was hoping. Mile 1 was a 7:40. I wanted to stay around 7:35. Miles 2-7 I made up my slow start. I was running between a 7:30 – 7:05 pace. I was feeling really good despite the rain, cold, hail, and winds. I was trying to fuel as much as I could but it was hard to drink water and Gatorade when you are cold.

Miles 8-13- Natick and Wellesley- I was still holding on to my paces. They were all sub 7:30s. I was impressed. Entering Natick the crowds come out and it was a nice surprise. The crowds helped keeping me going. Wellesley was halfway. I clocked in at 1:37. On pace for a 3:14 finish. I was pleasantly surprised. I couldn’t believe that I was rocking the pace I was. I wasn’t bothered much at this point by the conditions yet.

Miles 14-23-Newton to Brokeline. Entering Newton hills. At mile 16, everything went numb. I could not feel my legs, my hands were frozen, and I was soaked even under my rain jacket. We were running through puddles. The streets were flooded. Took the first Newton hill like a champ. The second hill- mile 17- 8:04 avg. This was my first over 8 min/mile. Mile 18- 8:04 avg. Yikes. I was in trouble. I was looking down to make sure my feet were still moving. I did not look up much at this point. I was focusing on trying to just keep running. I couldn’t get any more fuel. My hands were frozen and wouldn’t work. I couldn’t even grab on to a water cup. Heartbreak hill totally broke my heart this year. At one point, I looked at my watch and it said 10:30 pace. 😬IMG_3112

Miles 24-25-At mile 24, My hand warmer ruptured in my gloves me went I went to toss the hand warmer my other hand let go of the glove it was holding. 😟 I just threw the other glove. I tried to tuck them in my sleeve of my rain jacket but it was hard. I was in survival mode at this point. I could feel my lips turning blue and my vision was getting blurred. I questioned stopping at a Med tent but didn’t know how long it would take me to get back to the finish. I had to just keep going and finish.

Mile 25-26.2- Boston- I wanted to walk but I knew if I stopped I would not be able to move my legs again. The Citgo sign! YES! I am almost to the finish. Expect that last mile felt like it took forever. Right on Hereford and Left on Bolyston. I was finishing the 122nd Boston Marathon. I tried to raise my arms in the air as I was crossing the finish line, but only could get them up like half way. I had finished my 4th Boston Marathon in 3:22:01. A 90 sec course PR in very unfavorable conditions.

My A goal was 3:15 which I did not hit. My B goal was to beat my last years Boston time – which is what I did. And my C goal was 3:30. Am I disappointed that I didn’t hit my A goal? Yes I am. But I knew in those conditions it was going to be really hard. Am I happy with my time? Most definitely. I gave it everything I had and I fought very hard for that time. I could of quit at any moment but I kept going. I left everything I had on that course that day and do not regret anything.

I am coming for you 3:15! 😛


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